FRIGHT NIGHT!-Open at your own risk!

We have created a suite of games that are sure to make your event the scariest ever!
Not just for halloween but any horror themed event, we can guarantee the most unique activities ever.


This monumental installation consists of 4 massive structures that when assembled, creates an internal maze. Participants crawl their way through the structure in almost complete darkness to find the exit. Optional sound effects can be added via an internal sound system creating a scary atmosphere to add to the thrill. Fo night time events we can add lighting to complete the scary effect.

Catch a Severed Limb

A Halloween inspired version of our other game, Catch a Chook.
Electro magnets suspend the macabre limbs under an aluminium structure. The operator releases the limbs randomly using a remote control and the participant must catch the the body part before it hits the ground.

Skulls and Bones

The halloween version of Coconut Shy! Knock the skulls off the pedestals using the bones...simple!
Comes with a great backdrop and cool lighting for night events. We can also add scary sound effects for extra atmosphere.

Dead Doll House

This is a take on the classic fairground game, Tip a Troll. Using a suspended ball, participants try to knock the Chucky, Bloody Mary, scary Hansel and Gretel etc to the floor. Comes with scary sound effects just to up the scare factor.

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