Decorative & Fun

Wind Socks
Colourful wind socks are brilliant to add height and wow factor to an event. Available in several different designs with more coming!

Bali Flags
6m flags in a variety of colours are great to identify destinations and paths or just to invigorate the venue with colour and movement.

Popcorn Machine
Charming vintage style popcorn machines that can provide an affordable added value give-away or a great fundraising tool. We use coconut oil to limit the risk of allergic reactions.
Requires 10Amp 240V power source. Generator optional.

Inflatable Fields
With or without goal posts and in two different sizes, these colourful fields are a great way of delineating activity areas without the use of CCB's or pickets. We use them for our big games such as Bubble Soccer and Belly Bumpers. Requires 34m x 34m (30m x 20m field) or 14m x 14m (10m x 10m field) and access to 10Amp 240v power. Generator optional.

Fog, Snow, Foam & Bubbles

Special effects that add to the fun atmosphere of your event. Bubble and foam machines work indoor and outdoor although weather can be a factor. Fog and snow machines are best indoors. Requires 10Amp 240V power and a water point is essential. Generator optional.

Polaroid Cameras

The Z340 Polaroid camera provides instant results on glossy paper and is an ideal tool to send visitors home with a lasting reminder of your event. We use them in conjunction with our Mermaid display and soon with our new photo booths.

Wheel of Fortune

An authentic old fashioned Wheel of Fortune perfect for fundraising at community fairs and school events.

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