Staff Amenities

Umbrellas and Gazebos

2m market umbrellas provide an easy alternative for individual shade points for security and staff. Our erection system is only suitable for grassed areas.

3m x 3m pop up gazebos with a variety of sides including solid, windows and half sized are always needed. Water weights are included and suitable for grassed and paved areas.

Tables & Chairs

We stock a limited number of trestles and folding chairs primarily for our art workshops but also for staff and artist areas. For public seating, contact specialised event rental companies.

Water Dispensers

The perfect solution for cold water in artist, staff and volunteer areas. We can provide cups or you can supply your own. Requires 1 x 10Amp 240V per unit.

Mist Fans

Can be hooked up to water to create an evaporative cooling environment or used as is. Perfect for our hot summers in your back stage and staff areas.

Chafing Dishes

High quality German chafing dishes and buffet equipment to impress your staff, artists, volunteers and contractors when providing onsite catering.

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