General Equipment

Umbrellas and Gazebos

2m market umbrellas provide an easy alternative for individual shade points for security and staff. Our erection system is only suitable for grassed areas.

3m x 3m pop up gazebos with a variety of sides including solid, windows and half sized are always needed. Water weights are included and suitable for grassed and paved areas.

Beach Chairs

Bright blue and red canvas beach chairs perfect for chill out areas or our Outdoor Cinema.

Popcorn Machine
Charming vintage style popcorn machines that can provide an affordable added value give-away or a great fundraising tool. We use coconut oil to limit the risk of allergic reactions.

Requires 10Amp 240V power source. Generator optional.


A big selection of generic, reusable event signage available.

Money Spinners

Well known and secure fundraising collection point that can be branded.

Wheel of Fortune

An authentic old fashioned Wheel of Fortune perfect for fundraising at community fairs and school events.

Cable Protection

The professional Defender Rill Mats from Sentinal are Australian Standard for cable and hose protection. Withstands heavy trucks and forklift traffic.

Line Markers

A good event starts with clear and functional line marking. Our line makers will help you to achieve the best possible result.

Litter Pickers

Professional litter pickers to keep your event site clean at all times.


Our Sound Art SLH-925HM Power megaphones with handheld microphone are a brilliant choice to manage and time activities and make local announcements. Incorporates voice, whistle & siren, volume control and adjustable carry strap.

Walkie Talkies & UHF

Walkie talkies with two paid-for channels and UHF radios with 80 channels are a must at any large event. Comes with desktop loaders and various earpieces for both systems.

Portable Sound

Portable MIPRO sound systems to spare your voice during briefings, public announcements and great for supporting workshop leaders. Wireless lapel, Madonna and handheld microphone systems available.

Small Sound Systems

An industry leader, the MIPRO MA808 Portable PA is the best wireless amplifier on the market for large scale events. Up to 8 hour battery life, and extension speaker, tripods and wireless mic, DVD player and USB connection.


Silent Honda inverta generators 6.5KvA and 2KvA. Cable protection matting also available.

Star Pickets

Quality pickets with covers and picket removal system to ensure no broken pickets are left to pose a danger to either the public or vehicles.

Balloon Inflators

Our balloon inflators are electric and very easy to use. We can also provide balloons, fasteners and sticks.

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