Sound Systems


Our Sound Art SLH-925HM Power megaphones with handheld microphone are a brilliant choice to manage and time activities and make local announcements. Incorporates voice, whistle & siren, volume control and adjustable carry strap.

Portable Sound

Portable MIPRO sound systems to spare your voice during briefings, public announcements and great for supporting workshop leaders. Wireless lapel, Madonna and handheld microphone systems available.

Small Sound Systems

An industry leader, the MIPRO MA808 Portable PA is the best wireless amplifier on the market for large scale events. Up to 8 hour battery life, and extension speaker, tripods and wireless mic, DVD player and USB connection.

Walkie Talkies & UHF

Walkie talkies with two paid-for channels and UHF radios with 80 channels are a must at any large event. Comes with desktop loaders and various earpieces for both systems.

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