Frame Games

Amazingly portable but infinitely enjoyable, Frame Games come in a variety of different formats. Light weight sectional frames with colourful backdrops give big impact.

Joey Jump, Penguin Fish Fling and Shark Attack requires kids to use a spring-loaded foot pedal to launch the joey/fish into the pouch of the mother kangaroo, the penguin's basket or the shark's mouth to score.

Requires at least 3m x 3m space not including queue. When using more than on for bigger events, we can put them back to back taking only 3m x 6m.

Pit Stop Challenge

Another Frame Game, the Pit Stop Challenge is quick to assemble and uses real ratchet guns for participants to use to change the tyres. Race each other or the clock! Requires 6m x 5m and suitable for hardstand or grass. Power outlet desirable.

Big Splash

An easily portable version of the traditional fairground dunk tank. Perfect for hot WA summers! Requires a minimum of a 5m x 5m grassed area. Water point essential and hoses supplied.

Slime Machine

Another version of the traditional dunk tank but ....Oozing green slime! Seriously cool. Needs a 5m x 5m flat grassed area and a water point essential. Hoses and outdoor shower supplied and the slime is made from a purely organic gum compound and a Material Data Sheet is available.

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