Wet and Wild

Our long, hot WA summers simply demand a bit of cooling water action.

Water War

This is a two player game which basically requires participants to launch water balloons using the inbuilt sling launchers to score a direct hit. You are meant to keep yourself dry but in our hot WA summers...who cares?! Requires 10m x 4m of flat grassed area. Water point essential as well as power, 10Amp 240V although a generator is optional.

Down Pour Derby

Brand New and the only one of its kind in WA! A two player game which requires the players to turn the handle faster than the opponent to drop the bucket on the the victim- *ahem* willing volunteer. Every one gets wet! Requires at least 4m x 4m and we recommend a grassed area for drainage. Water point essential.

Big Splash

An easily portable version of the traditional fairground dunk tank. Perfect for hot WA summers! Requires a minimum of a 5m x 5m grassed area. Water point essential and hoses supplied.

Foam Pit

This has real 'WOW' factor. It utilises a high output foam cannon. The foam liquid is the best and completely non toxic and after an afternoon in this baby, the kids even come out clean! 10m x 10m minimum and a water point is essential. Hoses and outdoor shower supplied. Material Data Sheet available.

Water World

Simple pump action water pistons are an easy way to cool down in our hot summers. Deliver with tubs of water for reloading and safety glasses for protection. Space required is dependent on numbers and using the natural environment to provide interest is great. Water point essential and a grassed area around 10m x 10m should be sufficient. Peripheral fencing desirable.

Slime Machine

Another version of the traditional dunk tank but ....Oozing green slime! Seriously cool. Needs a 5m x 5m flat grassed area and a water point essential. Hoses and outdoor shower supplied and the slime is made from a purely organic gum compound and a Material Data Sheet is available.

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