We have an big range of activities which are designed specifically for 5yrs and younger. We believe that early childhood needs are often over looked because of the special requirements needed. Out of the Box makes it easy to fill the gap providing excellent activities for little ones that extend, challenge and excite.

Octopus Bouncer

Fully enclosed with netted sides for safety, a roof for shade and an internal obstacle course including a central climbing wall this bouncer offers so much more that the average inflatable bouncer.

Mini Trampolines

Pint sized and perfect for little ones.Who doesn't like to bounce and bounce and bounce and.....
Low to the ground with springs covers they are really safe.

Percussion Park

Who doesn't remember banging out the beat on mum's saucepans?
These hand crafted mobile units are an innovative activity that engages with toddlers and is designed for fun and educational experience. Beside....what toddler doesn't want to make a lot of noise?

Tyre Park

Portable see-saw ride-ons constructed from recycled tyres and wood available as singles and doubles. Colourful, fun and perfect for toddlers as well as older kids.

Toddler Climbing Frames

Absolutely our most popular toddler activity, these sectional climbing frames are specifically designed for this age group. Not only colourful, each section challenges kids both physically and mentally as they work out how to transverse the obstacles. It is an extensive suite of equipment and can be delivered in total or in part and includes safety mats.

Space required varies with how many pieces and can be configured in different formats and sizes but 5m x 10m is a good estimate. Suitable for hardstand or grassed areas.

Toddler Soft Zone

Another big favourite, the Soft Blocks are only limited by imagination! Build forts, castles, obstacle courses or any thing you fancy. Can be combined with other toddler gear like the Toddler Tunnels for even more fun!

Space required varies with how many pieces and can be configured in different formats and sizes but 8m x 8m is a good estimate. Suitable for grassed areas.

Toddler Ball Pit

A mobile ball pit which is a favourite with the littlies! Requires approximately 3m x 3m space and is suitable for both hardstand and grassed areas.

Toddler Sand Pit

Who doesn't like a sand pit? Toys included.
Requires 3m x 3m minimum and can be set up on hardstand or grass.

Activity Tables

Adjustable heights make these tables suitable for 1yr - 6yrs. Can be used for all types of activities including water play and micro sand pits.
Requires at least 3m x 3m per table and suitable for hardstand and grassed areas.

Tunnel Crawling

Expandable tunnels that create highways of fun. Often delivered in conjunction with the Toddler Soft Blocks......somehow it just makes sense.

Requires around 10m x10m of space but these guys get around and tend to move to where the action is. Best on grassed areas but can be used on hardstand as well.

Adventure Barrels

Roll them, stack them, hide in fun that encourages creative play. Often combined with other toddler equipment to create the perfect toddler playground.

Requires at least 10m x 10m and although rolling down hills is fun, best on a flat surface so you don't have to chase them down!. Only suitable for grassed areas.

Adventure Saucers

These oversized discs spin and turn in response to the effort of the participant. Often combined with other toddler equipment to create the perfect toddler playground.

Requires at least 5m x 5m. Only suitable for grassed areas.

Balance Course

Our modular balance course can be set up in whatever shape, length or width required and is often combined with other challenges such as egg and spoon. Requires around 10m x 5m for the entire set but is flexible. Suitable for hardstand or flat grass.

Memory Boards

Can be played solo or with friends.
Take turns to flip the picture cards and make matches until all are matched. the one with the most pairs wins!
Several themes available and new cards can be designed for specific events at small cost.

Face Painting

We can supply up to 4 face painters but recommend a minimum of two for any event. We will supply the pop-up tents.

Requires a space of at least 3m x 3m per two painters but suggest you make allowance for the queues. We will also need a water point available nearby.

Cow Milking

Bessie the life sized cow doesn't kick or get bored. With a lifelike udder, kids get a feel for the real experience. Bessie is always a favourite and is also suitable for toddlers. Bessie needs 3m x 3m and a grassed area with water point nearby is essential.

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