Random Fun


Two years in the planning and manufactured as part of a student project in Belgium, this is a truly unique activity. This monumental installation consists of 4 massive structures that when assembled, creates an internal maze flowing from one unit to the other. Participants crawl their way through the structure in almost complete darkness to find the exit. Optional sound effects can be added via an internal sound system creating a scary atmosphere to add to the thrill. For night time events we can add lighting to complete the scary effect.

Gutter Racing

Using water pistons, participants must race their balls to the end of the aluminium gutters. As they suck in the water with their pistons it draws the balls back to them making it twice as hard. A great summer activity that is respectful of water usage.

Guess What Expo

100 random items from the last 100 years! Kitchen, farming, hunting all strange and unusual .Participants guess what the objects are to win a prize.

Pony Hop

Just ridiculous fun!
Participants race each other on inflatable horses. Just as much fun for participants.

Adventure Barrels

Roll them, stack them, hide in fun that encourages creative play. Often combined with other toddler equipment to create the perfect toddler playground.

Requires at least 10m x 10m and although rolling down hills is fun, best on a flat surface so you don't have to chase them down!. Only suitable for grassed areas.

Adventure Saucers

These oversized discs spin and turn in response to the effort of the participant. Often combined with other toddler equipment to create the perfect toddler playground.

Requires at least 5m x 5m. Only suitable for grassed areas.Photo Booths

Three themed backdrops with a huge selection of fun accessories provide the perfect opportunity for that kooky selfie. Add a hash tag and you have an instant event promo!

Mini Tampolines

Pint sized and perfect for little ones and older kids as well.
Who doesn't like to bounce and bounce and bounce and.....
Low to the ground with springs covers they are really safe.

Outdoor Movies

With 400 Lumen output projector and a 4m x 3m stretchy outdoor movie screen, we have the perfect setup for an audience up to 400 pax. Space required is dependent on numbers but access to 10Amp 240V power is essential and generator optional.

Cow Milking

Bessie the life sized cow doesn't kick or get bored. With a lifelike udder, kids get a feel for the real experience. Bessie is always a favourite and is also suitable for toddlers. Bessie needs 3m x 3m and a grassed area with water point nearby is essential.

Boom Blasters

Use the pump to inflate the balloon. First one to burst the balloon wins! Apparently bursting balloons never gets old. Requires a minimum of 2m x 3m per blaster but suggest you allow space for the queues. Suitable for hardstand or flat grassed area.

Hook a Duck

A collapsible pool with a pump that swirls the ducks around while kids try to hook them using their rods. Steps supplied for the little ones. Requires at least 10m x 10m and access to power although a generator can be supplied. Pool need a minimum of 5000 litres of potable water which can be supplied via a water truck although usually we fill using hoses so a water point is preferable. Because of the time required to fill the pool, an earlier set up is required.

Agility Course

Used by itself or in conjunction with additional challenges such as our egg and spoon activity. Space required varies dependent on set up but 5m x 10m recommended and only suitable on grassed areas.

Giant Bubbles

Using a secret recipe and rope loops, kids can create huge bubbles that delight and amaze. Needs at least 5m x 5m (bubbles are REALLY big) and best on grass as the bubble mixture can leave a slippery residue on hardstand.

Mystery Box

Guess the objects in the box! Slimy, hard, cold, furry.....the unknown makes for fun. Only needs 2m x 2m and fun, feel-y stuff suitable to the event theme and target age group.

Beach Balls

A great team game suitable for both grass and sand. Needs a bit of space, 10m x 10 minimum.

Silent Disco

A unique way of experiencing music using wireless headphones with 2 channels. Actually quite entertaining for the audience as well as participants bop away to their own beat. Requires 10m x 10m dependent on numbers, 1 x 10Amp 240V. Generator optional.

Impossible Wheel

Only a few will conquer this activity! Needs 5m x 10m of hardstand or grass.

Giant Buzzer

Manoeuvre the metal ring around the electrically charged tubing without touching the sides. if you do, everyone will know when the buzzer sounds! Requires 5m x 3m and access to 10 Amp 240V power. Generator optional.

Mermaid Display

Up to four beautiful mermaids surrounded by a stunning cyclorama make a great photo opportunity. Polaroid cameras for instant gratification are optional and space is dependent on the number of mermaids.

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