Handcrafted traditional wooden balance games. Two or more participants balance the marble and move it around the course while avoiding the hazards.

Giant Connect 4

These beautiful wooden versions of the classic strategy game are great for all ages. Each unit requires 3m x 3m and can be set uo on hardstand or flat grassed areas.

Giant Twister

Like Twister wasn't hard enough! This version will prove even more challenging and be twice the fun. Requires 10m x 10m of flat grassed area and will need access to power although a generator is optional.

Giant Mikado

A giant version of what is known in Australia as 'Pick up Sticks', participants take turns to remove the sticks from the pile without moving the remainder. Different coloured sticks are worth different points. Needs at least 4m x 4m and is suitable for hardstand or grass.

Giant Board Games

Five different beautifully crafted wooden board games from Europe. Requiring strategy and concentration, these games are perfect for chill out areas to encourage people to just hang out. Space is entirely subject to numbers but requires trestles and chairs which can be supplied. Shade recommended.

Giant Game Mats

Giant versions of Snakes and Ladders and Twister complete with giant dice are a great addition to any event. Requires 5m x 5m minimum per mat.

Soft Bowling

Ten pin bowling made easy. Specially weighted soft pins and bowls makes this an easily portable version of the family favourite. Needs 2m x 5m per lane and best on hardstand but can be used on flat, firm grass.

Giant Chess

Giant version of the timeless classic. Requires 5m x 5m of flat space on either hardstand or grass.

Giant Jenga

Giant version of the timeless classic. Can be played solo or with others. Needs a flat space 4m x 4m, either grass or hardstand.

Vintage Games

Go back in time with jacks and knuckle bones, kendamas, spinning tops and cup and ball sticks. Only requires 3m x 3m and best on grass (so kids can sit) but also ok on hardstand.


A traditional Finnish lawn game that is easy to play for all ages. Knock down the pins and win...simple! Requires 6m x 5m hardstand or flat mowed grass.


A classic traditional ball game and soon to be available in a lighter kids version! Needs 5m x 3m of flat grassed space.

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