Inflatable Fun

Water War

This is a two player game which basically requires participants to launch water balloons using the inbuilt sling launchers to score a direct hit. You are meant to keep yourself dry but in our hot WA summers...who cares?! Requires 10m x 4m of flat grassed area. Water point essential as well as power, 10Amp 240V although a generator is optional.Foam Pit

This has real 'WOW' factor. It utilises a high output foam cannon. The foam liquid is the best and completely non toxic and after an afternoon in this baby, the kids even come out clean! 10m x 10m minimum and a water point is essential. Hoses and outdoor shower supplied. Material Data Sheet available.

Bubble Soccer

Huge fun! Bouncing around in bubbles of air trying to kick a soccer ball. As much fun for the audience as it is for the players! Soon to have smaller bubbles for the younger kids. Includes the inflatable soccer field with goals and up to 24 bubbles. Needs 34m x 24m of flat grass and access to power 10Amp 240V. Generator optional.
Zorb Rolling
We have 6 of these babies and they always create a stir at events. After all, what could be better than rolling around in a big cushion of air? can this NOT be fun?! Delivered in a huge 30m x 20m inflatable field, Zorb Balls are always a show-stopper! Needs at least 34m x 42m of grassed area and access to 1 x 10Amp 240V power source. Generator optional.

Belly Bumpers

Surrounded by a 30m x 30m or 10m x 10m inflatable field, belly bumpers not only look great but are inflatable doughts of fun! Two sizes available that can be run congruently dependent on age. Requires a lot of space, 34m x 34m or 14m x 14m minimum and only suitable for flat grassed areas. Requires power, 10Amp 240V but a generator can be supplied on request.

Beach Balls

A great team game suitable for both grass and sand. Needs a bit of space, 10m x 10 minimum but this is a organic activity so the more space the better.

Another old favourite. Available in two sizes, these are often used in conjunction with other activities on a mini athletics track including sack racing and buddy walkers. Requires 10m x 10m for all of the balls but can be reduced according to numbers. Suitable for grassed areas only.

Inflatable Fields

With or without goal posts and in two different sizes, these colourful fields are a great way of delineating activity areas without the use of CCB's or pickets. We use them for our big games such as Bubble Soccer and Belly Bumpers. Requires 34m x 34m (30m x 20m field) or 14m x 14m (10m x 10m field) and access to 10Amp 240v power. Generator optional.

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