Physical Challenge

Really physically challenging activities which are inspired and designed to extend and activate!

Jacobs Ladder

Climb the suspended Rope ladders to ring the bell at the top! Of course expect to fall off a couple of times before you get there. This activity is suitable for all ages.

Dart Soccer

Test your Soccer Skills with this eye catching game. Participants kick the specialised balls towards the giant inflatable dart board with a velcro surface to score points. This a great game for the whole family.

Giant Tennis

Anyone for Tennis? So much more fun with these funky giant tennis rackets!
Presented in a colourful inflatable 15m x 20m field complete with nets.

Tether Ball

This activity is both a handball and football version of Totem Tennis. So Simple but really great fun. Great for Dads and mums to get involved in or can be played solo.

Down Pour Derby

Brand New and the only one of its kind in WA! A two player game which requires the players to turn the handle faster than the opponent to drop the bucket on the the victim-*ahem* willing volunteer. Every one gets wet! Requires at least 4m x 4m and we recommend a grassed area for drainage. Water point essential. Note that most of this gear is sooo new that we don't have our own images as yet. We like to give our own twist on the activities we develop them so be aware that the images below are stock photos and may differ from our final inventory.

Bubble Soccer

Huge fun! Bouncing around in bubbles of air trying to kick a soccer ball. As much fun for the audience as it is for the players! Soon to have smaller bubbles for the younger kids. Includes the inflatable soccer field with goals and up to 24 bubbles. Needs 34m x 24m of flat grass and access to power 10Amp 240V. Generator optional.

Boom Blasters

Use the pump to inflate the balloon. First one to burst the balloon wins! Apparently bursting balloons never gets old. Requires a minimum of 2m x 3m per blaster but suggest you allow space for the queues. Suitable for hardstand or flat grassed area.

Pants Hanging

A traditional Dutch festival game that requires participants to hang from the pant legs for as long as they can versing each other or the clock. Unlike the traditional game, this one comes with safety mats. Warning: This game can get quite competitive! Requires at least 4m x4m on either grassed or paved areas.

Zorb Rolling

We have 6 of these babies and they always create a stir at events. After all, what could be better than rolling around in a big cushion of air? Delivered in a huge 30m x 20m inflatable field, Zorb Balls are always a show-stopper! Needs at least 34m x 42m of grassed area and access to 1 x 10Amp 240V power source. Generator optional.

Kiddie Stricker

A little kids' version of the traditional fairground hammer challenge. Needs 3m x 3m and suitable for both hardstand and flat grass.

Big Striker

Based on the classic fairground hammer challenge, the Big Striker challenges participants to ring the bell at the top of the 9m pole. Tension is adjustable to make it harder for if it's not hard enough! Needs 5m x 3m and best on grass but can be set up on hardstand with weights.


A touch of the Caribbean Limbo comes with a portable sound system to provide an authentic island atmosphere. It's a lot harder than it looks! Needs 4m x 4m and suitable for flat hardstand or grass.

Crazy Bikes

Two sizes so everyone can have a go, each bike has a different challenge. Pedal backwards to go forwards, turn left to go right....get the idea? Helmets included and you will definitely need them! Requires a generous, fenced space of at least 15m x 15m. Can be set up on hardstand or grass.

Barrel Walking

Sizes range from small..the giant. Regardless of size, all of them are a real challenge in coordination. These are often delivered in conjunction with other activities (such as peddles, stilt walking etc.) to create a zone of physical challenge. Space is dependent on how many units but 5m x 10m is recommended and fenced is preferable.

Pedalo Walking

Imported from Germany, these contraptions will challenge anyone's balance and coordination! Various sizes and numerous variations are available. Helmets and knee/elbow pads supplied. Dependent on how many units and whether they are combined with other activities, a 5m x 10m hardstand or flat mowed grassed area required.


Normally reserved for professional circus artists but big fun for the amateur! Various sizes for different age groups. Requires approximately 10m x 5m of hardstand or mowed grassed area.

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are a great training tool for mastering our unicycles. Best on hardstand with a space of around 5m x 5m.

Monkey Bikes

Despite their size, these are are in fact meant for adults! Normally reserved for professional circus clowns but big fun for the amateur. Will need 5m x 5m and best on hardstand or flat, mowed grass.

Impossible Wheel

Only a few will conquer this activity! Needs 5m x 10m of hardstand or grass.

Penny Farthings

These are beautiful replicas of the real thing, made in Britain. Quite tricky! Need at least 5m x 10m of hardstand or flat grass.

Stilt Walking

Our stilts are crafted from purpose grown wood and imported from Europe. This doesn't make it any easier though! Usually delivered in conjunction with other physical challenge activities such as barrel walking, pedelo's etc. Needs 5m x 10m if all sets are used and although best on hardstand can be used on firm flat grass.

Pogo Sticks

Heavy duty pogo sticks supplied with pads and helmets. Space required is dependent on numbers but flat even hardstand is essential.

Hoop Skirt Soccer

Delivered in a 30m x 20 m inflatable field, Hoop Skirt Soccer requires participants to play the game with the added challenge on not being able to see their feet. Needs 34m x 24m of flat grassed area and access to at least 1 x 10Amp 240V power source. Generator can be supplied.

Agility Course

Used by itself or in conjunction with additional challenges such as our egg and spoon activity for additional challenge. Is flexible on space but needs around 5m x 10m and suitable for grassed areas only.

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