Art and Percussion Workshops

Umbrella Painting

Decorate paper parasols using paint. Sun smart and a great souvenir to take home as a lasting reminder. Space is dependent on numbers but we can service up to 30 pax at one time. Can be set up on hardstand or grass but a flat surface is best and a water point is essential. Shade recommended.

Kite Decoration

Easily constructed paper kites suitable for paint, pencil and/or markers. Let's go fly a kite! Space dependent on numbers but trestles and tables required. Water point also needed if using paint and shade recommended.

Sand Art

Laser cut, gum-backed cards using a huge selection of beautifully hued ground quartz result in perfect art works every time. Space is again dependent on numbers but 10m x 10 would be sufficient for an average event. Suitable for hardstand or grass but bins are essential. Shade recommended.

Beading Workshop

Utilising a huge range of different beading techniques including beading looms, wire and threading. Depending on budget beads range from simple (but pretty) plastic to sterling silver and blown glass. Space is dependant on numbers but tables and chairs are essential. Shade recommended.

Memory Wire

With a huge range of beads and charms that can be tailored to budget, memory wire is a great jewellery option when time and numbers require a quick turn around. Space is dependent on numbers but chairs and trestles are required and shade recommended.

Paper Craft

Stencil cutters, mark making, bibs and bobs and everything you might need to create great personalised cards, frames and pictures. Space required is dependent on numbers but trestles and chairs required as well as a water point, if paint is used. Shade recommended.

Drum Circle

Using African drums and a range of other noise makers, a professional workshop leader can provide an amazing experience. Space is dependent on numbers, shade is recommended but chairs and a mic and speakers are essential and included.

Badge/Magnet Making

Using markers, pencils or collage, kids can create their own badge or fridge magnet. Space required s dependent on numbers but suitable for both grass and hardstand. Trestles required and recommended.

Puppet Theatre

A beautiful handcrafted wooden puppet theatre including backdrops (can be made to suit theme) with more than 100 character puppets. Kids create their own plays and perform them. Space is dependent on numbers and cushioned seating can be supplied and shade recommended.

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